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Not only are they great for organizing, but they are also safer by not having the loose ends flopping in the wind and getting caught in tires. Great idea! Way to go !!

-Todd - Grand Rapids, MN

Its nice to finally walk into the garage and grab at 4 hooks and get 4 straps vs. 4 hooks and whatever it gets caught on walking out the door. Also the biggest perk to these is the not having the straps sailing all over the place while driving. I went for a 300 mile drive with the bike tied down and when i got there they were in the exact position they were when i left

Customer, Germantown, WI

As a sea kayaker I spend way too much time wrapping 9 feet of excess strap on 4 different straps each time I load/unload my boat. This will shave a considerable amount of time that I can now spend paddling versus dealing with the headache of dealing with excess strap.

-Josh - Tennessee

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Tie down straps for atvs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles Tie down straps for canoes and kayaks
Tie down straps for trailers Tie down straps for military use

The Tie Down Strap Sack

-By Strap Sack - Bend Oregon



Ratchet Style Instructions
Kayak and Canoe Style Instructions


Why do you need a Strap Sack?

Most of us keep our tie downs in a crate, bucket, box, or in the back of our vehicles. This tie down storage system tends to produce one thing - an aggravating mess! There is usually frustrating loss of time needed to unravel the straps that are entangled with other straps, rope, bungee cords, etc. When the tie down straps are applied to whatever you are attempting to secure there is always excess strapping that needs to be dealt with. For most of us this means tying several knots to secure the excess strapping that needs to be untied once you reach your destination. And of course, then the strap is thrown back in its previous unorganized storage space.
THE SOLUTION IS STRAP SACK! The Strap Sack allows the user to secure the excess strapping without tying knots, while preventing flapping or dragging. After use, the Strap Sack stores the entire tie down preventing a “spaghetti like” mess with other tie downs.  The Strap Sack installs to your existing tie downs in seconds. 


Tie Down Strap Sack Installation & Use

The Strap Sack quickly installs to any existing tie down strap. Take the end that is attached to the ratchet and slide it through the top of the bag (where the drawstring is located). Continue to feed it through the bottom of the bag and use the zip tie to cinch it to the strap. Cut off the remaining zip tie and the bag is installed. To use the Strap Sack simply remove the tie down strap from the sack, ratchet the tie down tight, pull the Strap Sack over the ratchet and the extra strapping goes in the bag. Use the drawstring to close the bag and away you go!
Tie down Strap Sack Installation Video


Types of Tie Down Strap Applications


Design of the Strap Sack.

tie down straps - strap sack

We make Strap Sacks for all different applications. All of our Strap Sacks have parachute cord drawstrings with cord stops and installed zip-tie for easy installation. Our most common is the Medium duty 1" - 1.5" Strap Sack which is made of a quality rip-stop nylon fabric that is available in: red, orange, blue, black, and camouflage (not rip-stop). For a more demanding environment we have our new Heavy-duty Strap Sacks that are made of 7oz, 430 denier poly coated Pack Cloth. These are made for more rugged application or those who want to throw their straps in the back of the truck and then pile some wood on top.


tie down straps used on a atvTie down straps on a snowmobilesnowmobile tie downs how to store tie down straps tie down straps for a  motorcycle
side by side tie down trailer Folding the extra strapping to put in the strap sack Folding the extra strapping to put in the strap sack Placing the extra tie down strapping in the strap sack using the cord lock to secure the extra strapping
2 inch tie down straps on a trailer 2 inch tie down straps secured in a strap sack A convienent way to store your tie down straps tie down straps on a utility trailer tie down straps attached to a waverunner

tie down strap sack made in america

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